Ralf Willer

Folienabdichtung, Dachbegrünung,
Schwimmteiche,Zierbecken, Koiteiche

Hamdorfer Weg 7, D - 23795 Negernbötel
Kreis Segeberg,
Tel. 0 45 51 / 99 34 51
E-Mail: info@folien-willer.de, www.folien-willer.de

Für alle Dacharbeiten gelten die Regeln des Reisegewerbes nach §55 GewO


Extensive greening of the roof by planting herbs and grasses

The extensive green covering of roofs is limited to the widespread planting of small frugal shrubs, sedum species, wild herbs and grasses, which will be mostly autonomous and expand. 
The sedum plants are among the most robust plants therefore to maintain such a greening one inspection a year is enough.

Intensive greening of roofs by planting bushes and groves

Intensive green covering of roofs includes planting of perennials and groves as well as lawns and trees. The possibilities of the use and design diversity can be compared to ground-based open spaces as long as the equipment is suitable. Usually intensive greening of roofs is only useful for flat roofs. The plants, that are used, require a high standard of layer structure and regular water and nutrient supply. The height of the entire construction is about 25 - 100 cm.
Constant maintenance is necessary to maintain this kind of greening.

Care and maintenance

The long-term functionality of green roofs requires maintenance of the vegetation as well as of the sealing. Based upon the guidelines for watertight roofs, we offer maintenance contracts with the following benefits:

  • fertilizing the green areas when required
  • cleaning of roof gullies and other drainage parts
  • optical inspection sealing connections and closures
  • inspection of the mechanical stability of the profiles, ventilation elements, light domes, connection devices etc.
  • removal of pollutants, sediments and roots at the inspection manholes
  • elimination and removal of unwanted foreign plant cover

Fresh created green roof

first greening after a short time

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