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Advantages of Green Roofs

There is one easy answer to the question why Green Roofs are so popular and are often seen on houses and carports:

Green Roofs are beautiful!

Furthermore there are many other good reasons for a Green Roof:

  • increases life expectancy of the roof sealing
  • increase in building value
  • improvement of the living environment, especially with visible or accessible Green Roofs
  • cost savings for flat roofs by eliminating regular maintenance and rehabilitation
  • noise reduction
  • improvement of cold- and heat-protection - saves energy
  • bonding of dust- and air pollutants, filtering of pollutants from the rain - lead reduction of 99%, cadmium reduction of 96%
  • protection against electromagnetic pollution
  • compensation for the redevelopment of nature conservation - green roofs are accredited as compensation measure according to the BNSchG.
  • in larger cities Green Roofs are accredited as an unsealed surface, in whole or in part, one is exempt from stormwater fees. Many other cities consider adapting this approach.
  • the lifespan of a green roof is twice as much as the lifespan of a normal roof
  • stormwater retention and minimizes rainfall run-off peaks
  • additional protection of roof sealing from elements, such as hail or frost
  • adequate fire prevention acc. DIN 4102 T 7
  • some cities and townships aid the contruction of green roofs with grants

When selecting the plants we happily abide your wishes!

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