Ralf Willer

Folienabdichtung, Dachbegrünung,
Schwimmteiche,Zierbecken, Koiteiche

Hamdorfer Weg 7, D - 23795 Negernbötel
Kreis Segeberg,
Tel. 0 45 51 / 99 34 51
E-Mail: info@folien-willer.de, www.folien-willer.de

Für alle Dacharbeiten gelten die Regeln des Reisegewerbes nach §55 GewO



In pool or on the roof: trendy decoration with signal effect..

Koi ponds
Exotic fishes in your garden


Your own lake in your garden with a vegetated shore and enough space to jump into the cool water – a swim pond makes this possible. It is not only close to nature, but it also combines the advantages of a decorative garden pond with a large, plant free area to swim. The pond with its own biotope also does the cleaning itself.

The two different areas, pond with cleaning zone and swimming area, present us with special challenges. The absolutely leak-free and crease-free installation of the liner is very important in this case.

We work closely with landscapers and architects, who appreciate our professional liner installation. In order to be able to deal with the latest developments and the different qualities of liners, we inform us regularly at various seminars and courses.

More impressions in our diashow

Swim ponds from one hand

We handle the entire process of swim pond construction from design to delivery

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