Ralf Willer

Folienabdichtung, Dachbegrünung,
Schwimmteiche,Zierbecken, Koiteiche

Hamdorfer Weg 7, D - 23795 Negernbötel
Kreis Segeberg,
Tel. 0 45 51 / 99 34 51
E-Mail: info@folien-willer.de, www.folien-willer.de

Für alle Dacharbeiten gelten die Regeln des Reisegewerbes nach §55 GewO

Leak-proof is most important to us

How can a specialist company, which has over 25 years experience in professional installation of liners help you? What are liners used for? Who can benefit from our expertise and work?

Crease-free and guaranteed leak-proof
Dachdeckerei mit Folie

Everywhere, where professional and crease-free installation and welding of liners with different materials and thicknesses are required, we offer our customers work of great durability and very high quality.

Manual welding, automatic welding and solvent welding are routine for us.

We are a professional company, certified by the German Technical Board (TÜV), and awarded with certificates and badges of various well known Quality Liner Manufacturers.

Over 25 years experience in installation of liners
Faltenfreie Verlegung von Folie für ein Schwimmbad

Whether for Swim Ponds, Ornamental Pools, Lagoons, Fire Protection Ponds, Pools or Roofs – we offer professional lining with liner for new constructions as well as for reconstructions.

We also offer the detailed installation of staircases (slip resistant), liner breakthroughs (such as for pressure and suction tubes), Wall Skimmers, Headlights or Current Jets, which are carried out with care and upmost professionalism.


We support Architects, Roofers and Carpenters with specialist expertise in the field of Protective Liners for Roofs, Green Roofs, Detailed Enclosure, Wall Connections, Boarder Coating, Light Domes, Steam Pipes and Waterflows.

We work with Landscape Architects and Garden Landscaping Businesses, who wish for a professional and crease-free seal, for instance for ponds and pools.

Your advantage: One contact for all areas

Furthermore we support you, if you want to build something by yourself with our expertise and lay the liner out leak-proof.

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